Negotiating War Stories: Gather Your Ammo

Illustration by  Olimpia Zagnoli  entitled,  "It's Payback Time for Women" for The New York Times Sunday Review Cover.

Illustration by Olimpia Zagnoli entitled, “It’s Payback Time for Women” for The New York Times Sunday Review Cover.

Eight women share how they successfully negotiated this year:

“I came with receipts and a cold hard number I was looking for. I use Trello all year long to keep track of milestones/big projects and had them in-hand when negotiating. It’s easy to forget what you’ve worked in all year or to feel like you don’t know why you’re worthy in the first place, so write it all down. You ARE worthy but some evidence of that in the form of a proven job well done can take some of the nerves out of making your case.”

“That’s a great place to start” saved my life. A calm, professional, collaborative response to a figure that is lower than you were expecting. Do your research and know your worth. And above all, keep fighting! Negotiating a raise is one of the most awkward things—for those of us who have only done it a handful of times, anyway—and so if you don’t get the result you want, regroup and gather your ammo, and try again. Go big! And it’s never too soon to ask for another one:)”

“I switched jobs to get a raise and benefits (I was perma-lance at my previous job). I didn’t want to do it– I felt like the offer was really good considering the benefits, stock, and even a signing bonus (my first signing bonus, I wasn’t even expecting it). What helped me was thinking like a rich white dude; really imagining what it would be like to feel entitled and confident and sure of my own worth. And then there were other things I repeated to myself before the call, like that everyone negotiates and it’s not weird and it’s expected at this level. I didn’t want to start out the new position as the first woman on my team and find out that all of the fellows were making more money. That’s happened before, and it’s a huge morale killer.”

“By declining to name numbers first and choosing to continue a long job search rather than settle for a subpar offer, I ended up taking a job with a significant increase in base pay and fantastic benefits. Know your worth and don’t let yourself be pressured into providing information or accepting a salary you’re not comfortable with!”

“While I haven’t gotten exactly the number I want yet (more to come in 2017), I’ve negotiated more than what’s been offered. I think when you believe you deserve more, it comes through as confidence and self assurance, which helps to prove even more that you do deserve all that you ask for.”

“I am a freelance researcher and for the past few years I have been working at a non-profit organization, earning around $35/hour. I switched jobs to a for profit start up this summer and wanted to ask for more money, but wasn’t sure how much. I asked around to several women in my field that I admire and they all encouraged me to aim way higher than I would ever have thought to ask. Thankfully, due to their encouragement and support, I asked for over double of what I was making and got it! Never think you “aren’t qualified enough” or that you “don’t have enough experience to ask” because you DO!! Together we aim higher. Together we earn more. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER!!”

“Stayed strong and confident in my abilities and worth!”

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