Thirty-Six Ways to Self-Care According to our Members

Image by  Kitiya Palaskas

Image by Kitiya Palaskas

We’ve always had trouble with self-care. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good massage but finding the time for it? Forget about it. In full-disclosure, we also have a hard time even relaxing during a massage because we’re counting down the minutes until we can get back to work. This is partly because we LOVE what we do (obviously, we’re getting ladies paid!) but we also feel a nagging anxiety that by not working, we’re getting behind. That we’re in this perpetual hamster wheel and if we slow down for even a second, we might get thrown off. 

We are fully aware how fucked up this sounds. So we took to social media this week to ask our members how they self-care. Their answers were too good, we had to share.  


How to get your self-care on:

  1. Walking through the city with your Frenchie (really any dog works)
  2. Listening to music 
  3. Run, Forest! Run!
  4. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. Take off your bra, ASAP
  6. Coziness, at a low cost: making yourself a nice dinner and taking a hot bath
  7. Five minutes of deep breathing or meditation in the morning
  8. At home manicures and a face mask
  9. Eating healthy
  10. Trip to the museum
  11. YouTube yoga class
  12. Add something green to each meal
  13. Remember, you put the oxygen mask on yourself before you help others!
  14. Sweet potato fries, courtesy of Chelsea Market
  15. Cereal (milk, maybe?)
  16. Look at pictures of the forest
  17. Oil pull – swish coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes because it’s great for your hair, skin, teeth, and life
  18. Sit in the sunshine
  19. Plant your feet on the ground, raise your hands in the air, and say, “TODAY is going to be a GREAT day!”
  20. Avoid anything that makes you feel terrible about yourself
  21. Go to a cute bookstore, buy a new book, read it
  22. With or without the blunt: watch Golden Girls, draw, eat something you enjoy
  23. Take off your makeup and wash your face before bed
  24. Cold water at the end of showers to close pores, and pat dry, never rub
  25. Lavender oil on your big toe before bed means a good night’s rest
  26. Deep conditioning the hair and rigorous exfoliation, once a week
  27. Vaping
  28. Ru Paul’s Drag Race
  29. Unbutton your pants and breath deeply when stuck in traffic
  30. Shower beer
  31. Lights off, horror movie
  32. Epsom bath salts & lavender oil
  33. A fitness with a loud, ratchet playlist
  34. A good cackle fest with girl friends over a bottle of wine or blunt
  35. Binge watch TV
  36. Bike ride to a beer on a patio with something to read, making my best attempt to avoid social media for a few minutes.
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