Webinar Get Your Money Mindset Right with author and founder Claire Wasserman March 29 6 PM EST

**This will be recorded**

Are there things you “know” you should do with your money but you just can’t seem to do it? Make a budget, spend less, invest, pay off debt..it can all feel so overwhelming. However, it’s not just financial obstacles that get in our way, it’s us. In fact, there’s a whole field of behavioral finance and financial psychology that addresses all the internal blockers we have so we can finally start making financial decisions that work for us, instead of against us.

Led by Ladies Get Paid founder and author, Claire Wasserman, in partnership with SoFi, this webinar will provide you with actionable steps to decode your money mindset and build the foundation for financial success.

Claire Wasserman

Key Takeaways

  • Understand your relationship with money and what’s not working for you
  • Identify your triggers around your financial decisions
  • Release any shame or other emotional baggage you may have about money
  • Learn to make decisions based on your values and not your fears

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