LinkedIn Live How to Heal the Success Wound July 5 3P EST

Join Ladies Get Paid founder & author Claire Wasserman in conversation with Brooke Taylor, a Transformational Career Coach and former Marketing Lead at Google. She was named a Top Career Coach by the Australian Business Journal. Her private coaching practice includes top female executives at Fortune 100 companies. She has served as an in-house coach for female executives at Google, McKinsey and Uber. Her leadership programs have changed the lives of over 5,000 women globally.

We’ll be talking about the success wound, which is the false belief system that tells us our worthiness of love and belonging is CONTINGENT upon WHAT we produce, achieve, and do rather than the inherent goodness of WHO we are. It’s a spiritual/soul sickness that causes us to need MORE (more achievement, money, approval, success) in order to feel good enough.