Webinar Navigating Difficult Conversations at Work August 17 6-7 PM EST

**This event will be recorded**

Finding a way to conduct contentious conversations is a skill every successful woman needs to master, even – or perhaps especially – when that’s hard. We recognise when issues are important in our career context, but are sometimes surprised that they feel as emotive as they do. I understand that. We are all more than the work we do but a violation of values or threat to our self-perception will feel personal, pivotal and sometimes powerful enough to silence us. And given difficult dynamics are just as likely to show up in long-established working relationships as in new ones – handling career conflict can be as ongoing as your career!

Please be more afraid of the conversations you aren’t having than those move into with a little fear.

Join Helen Hanison, a leadership coach, if you want to learn how to handle career conflict (even when that’s a bit scary) and hear the secret that will change how you go into conflicts – and your results coming out of them – forever.

Helen Hanison

Key Takeaways

  • The power of a private If-Then Policy
  • How to use curiosity as a tactic
  • Ten steps to handling career conflict well/successfully
  • Plus the secret ingredient that will change your conflicts (and their outcomes) forever

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