Speaker Spotlight: Keita Williams

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Keita Williams is a professional butt-kicker and the Founder of Success Bully. This elite accountability practice helps high performing, Type As who are stuck learn how to get out of their own way through action-based goal setting, so they stop wasting their time and talents and start taking actions to achieve the life and career they deserve. She is also a speaker at our upcoming conference, Get Money Get Paid, happening in Brooklyn on November 2nd. We sat down with Keita where shared her proudest career moment and what attendees can look forward to hearing from her at the conference.

What is the best money advice you’ve ever received?

The best money advice I have ever received was this, “Save and invest like your future matters.” It is less about strategy and more about self-worth. I matter and so does my future. I hear my mentors little voice inside my head whenever I make any financial decision.

Another savvy businesswoman and mentor shared this with me, and I will share it with anyone that will listen. It is less of career advice and more of self-assessment advice. There will be times in each one of our lives where $hit goes off the rails. We may fail at a project, job or relationship. It happens and it is a part of life. When you step back from it, do a quick gut check around the 3Cs – Commitment, Consistency and Communication.

Were you committed to the project/role/relationship? Did you consistently deliver on your end of things? How well did you communicate? With the 3Cs lens, I can easily identify the learning in the setback and prevent it in the future.

What’s a moment in your career that you’re really proud of?

The last 2.5 years, Success Bully has been my side hustle while still working full-time in tech public relations. It has been amazing, challenging and exhausting. My big 2019 goal was to be completely done with corporate by my 40th birthday (I know I don’t look a day over 27), so I could focus on my passion full-time.

I am thrilled to say, my proudest moment in my career was August 19, 2019. I turned in my laptop and said my goodbyes. August 20th, I started my new decade and started spending all my energy on Success Bully.

It was exhilarating to hit that benchmark and it has freed up so much space for me to help more people and to grow my practice and brand.

Who is a woman you admire (living or dead)?

I deeply admire my older sister, Ayanna. We are 18 months apart. She is smart, driven, resilient and an all-around badass. She is currently working in the apparel industry living in China. She is my role model, cheerleader and blueprint to follow.

I am grateful for her vision and ambition. Seeing her do it, I could see myself do it whether it was National Honor Society in high school, attending an elite university, launching an international career or leading a team. My big sis shows me every day that little brown girls from Wisconsin can be and do anything. When she next levels, I consistently meet here there. I wish everyone woman had an older sister like mine.

What is one thing you hope the conference attendees will take away from your story?

My hope is that attendees will shift from thinking about it (whatever it is) to doing it. If you take radical action, you can expect radical outcomes.

Learn more money advice from Keita, and our other amazing speakers on November 2nd in Brooklyn. Grab your ticket before they sell out!

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