How to Maximize Your Savings

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There’s no doubt about it, women face a unique set of financial challenges. Yet, most of us feel ill-equipped to navigate these circumstances on our own. Women take on many roles and often navigate complex lives. A solid financial foundation can help a woman take care of her family, establish a business, and ultimately reinvest in her community.

Join Erin Lyons, a Licensed Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley for a webinar on Budgeting & Saving for women. She will touch on how to analyze your paycheck, create a monthly savings plan, plus more!

Erin Lyons

Key Takeaways

  • Evaluate your take home pay and taxes reflected on your paycheck
  • Create a budget and actually stick to it
  • Analyze your short term and long term goals
  • Properly utilize a credit card
  • Monitor your budget on an on-going basis
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About Erin Lyons

Erin Lyons is a Licensed Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management based out of the 5th Avenue Complex in Midtown Manhattan. She primarily works with Corporate Executives & Employees within Fortune 500 Companies, Pre & Post IPO Entrepreneurs, and Professional Athletes.

Erin’s goal as a Financial Advisor is to help her clients make confident, informed investment decisions that allow them to preserve the assets they have earned as a result of their hard work & commitment.

Her passions include empowering women to be financially independent, minority economic development, and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Outside of the office she enjoys Mindfulness, Photography, & Fashion.

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