How much money are you willing to lose, just to avoid an awkward conversation? 😳


The other day, I got an alert on my phone that someone had commented on an Instagram post I’d been tagged in. It read, “Ahh! I’ve met Claire before at the Apple Store on 14th street! She is amazing and such an advocate for Women’s equal rights  esp in the workplace!”

I was flattered but a bit confused. Who was this woman? I had no recollection of meeting her until it dawned on me…she worked at the Apple store and had helped me purchase my new laptop months ago!

Now it came rushing back. When she helped set me up, I told her my  Ladies Get Paid email and she was immediately intrigued. We ended up chatting for a bit about what we do, and why I was passionate about it. I also told her that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a member and her eyes welled up. She told me that as a young Latina from New York, AOC was a huge inspiration. She told me that her young niece was doing a report on her for class. 

I had no clue that this interaction had meant so much to her. I’m constantly telling people about what I do; I even gave a Ladies  Get Paid card to a TSA woman who had to go through my bag once. I also always ask women if they’re being compensated fairly and if they negotiated. 

Whether or not they join Ladies Get Paid isn’t the point. I want these women to know that money is power and there is no shame in talking about it, let alone asking for it. The only way we’re going to get comfortable with the conversation is by having it, and I want women to know that others are out there doing just that every day.

If you’re worried about offending someone, tell them about the wage gap. You can also ask the question: would they rather stay quiet and be comfortable, or get out of their comfort zone and potentially make more money? How much money are they willing to lose, just to avoid a potentially awkward conversation?

Now go get paid.

x Claire

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