Adapting to An Online Audience

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It seems like overnight we switched from socializing and conducting business in-person to online. (Well, probably because it was overnight…) But just because your in-person event was cancelled, doesn’t mean you can’t take it online.

And while it may feel like you’ve just been told to start from scratch, engaging your audience from a distance is actually an opportunity to bring them in closer.

Nicknamed The Zoom Coach, Terin Izil will teach you how to adapt your content (lectures, talks, workshops, and meetings) for a live video audience. In this webinar, you’ll learn how some new approaches, a sense of humor, a willingness to try, and a clear purpose can engage your online audience—and yourself—in a whole new way.

Terin Izil

Key Takeaways

  • Identify the limiting beliefs that keep you in a problem-solving rut
  • Breathe a sigh of relief that you’ve already done the hard part—become an expert at what you do—now it’s just a matter of adapting yourself and your material to a new format
  • Learn practical new ways to create solutions from the worlds of design thinking, accessibility, and a growth mindset
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About Terin Izil

Equal parts baffling and impressive, Terin’s whole life has prepared her to thrive in our newly restricted world. As founder of Camp Promise (a multi-site camp for people with neuromuscular disorders), she spent over a decade adapting physical activities (hot air ballooning, roller coaster rides, slip ‘n slides) for people who could not otherwise experience them—while also accounting for their lifesaving medical equipment. As a creative director, she’s spent almost 15 years adapting ideas to budding new media—including being the voice of Colonel Sanders in the early days of Twitter. Last year, she left big agency life to start TER Industries. Inc, where founders dump their brains on her to organize and transform into a cohesive brand.

So it’s no wonder her creativity has flourished with all our new self-isolating roadblocks—she thrives on solving problems. Learning from clients’ questions, she started The Zoom Coach to help people adapt their offline materials to online audiences or simply to hand over the reins and have her do it. Terin graduated from The University of Chicago with a degree in Comparative Human Development and is on the road to becoming a Certified Professional Coach through iPEC.
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