Earn Better: How to Negotiate Your Salary Like a Pro

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Claire Wasserman

Stop wasting your earning potential.

Join thousands of women who have transformed their financial futures with the guidance of Claire Wasserman, a pioneer in career advancement and financial empowerment.

As someone who has worked for years in recruitment and led career development training at hundreds of companies, I’ve seen behind the curtain…

And here’s the hard truth: it’s HR’s job to save the company as much money as possible. And that means paying you the least amount possible.

The other hard truth? Women’s roles are often undervalued – and usually the first ones cut in an economic downturn.


This doesn’t have to be you. I won’t let it.

I’ve coached thousands of women to negotiate millions of dollars in pay bumps with a special method that turns salary negotiation from something you dread to something you celebrate and shocker – even get psyched about! And of course, gets you the money.


My salary negotiation method is so good, Harvard Business School invited me to teach it.


Because let’s be honest: salary negotiation education is ready for a refresh. The workplace has changed a lot over the years – especially with the pandemic – and a lot of what’s out there is too corporate, judgemental, and theoretical. (Enough with the acronyms already, just tell me what to say!)

I packaged all the insights I’ve gathered over the years coaching private clients and made it accessible to all through a brand new, 5-hour video course.

Rooted in financial psychology, it completely flips the script on how to ask for more and is hands down, the best thing out there on salary negotiation. (Speaking of scripts, you’ll get at least 22 – more than double what you’ll find in any other course.)

This course also helps you think beyond this year’s paycheck, giving you step-by-step strategies for how to position yourself for better opportunities and career momentum.

It’s extremely tangible and transparent, relevant to every level, industry, and situation whether you’re negotiating at a new job or a current one. There’s even a bonus section for freelancers.


The best part is, I know it WORKS.


Melissa: “With the help of your exercises, I interviewed and accepted a job offer, and negotiated my way to full comp and F U money. I have recommended this to three friends in hopes that it helps them as much as it did for me.”

Lisa: “This was my first hard ore negotiation and not only did I get the job I absolutely wanted, I got the compensation my skills deserve.”

Jessica: “I was in a bad job situation and you helped me make the move into consulting, making up for the previous salary gap I’d wandered into and without leaving any money on the table.”

Audrey: “I just got a new job, and your seminar gave me the confidence to negotiate for a salary I never would have had the nerve to ask for before.

Kat: “I am now getting the highest salary I have ever been offered and received a generous relocation package so I am also preparing to buy my first house.  I am so grateful to Claire from Ladies Get Paid for the knowledge and encouragement.”


I’m so known for getting results that hundreds of women’s employee resource groups across the country have demanded their companies bring me in to show them how to advocate for their worth, including Amazon, Nike, Citibank, Facebook, and even NASA (twice!) My inbox is flooded with success stories like this. You deserve to be a success story, and I’m absolutely confident my salary strategies can make you one.


The course officially launches on Tuesday, December 5th, but by purchasing during our presale, you’ll get EARLY ACCESS to the first hour of the course. It’s also the only time we’re offering a discount – gotta practice what I preach! – so I hope you don’t miss it!

“You rocked my f*cking world with this course and were a huge factor in me seeking a different job, negotiating a 30% base comp increase and a HUGE annual bonus. I couldn’t have done it without you, Claire!” – Vivian

About Claire Wasserman

Meet Claire Wasserman, your guide and mentor on this transformative journey to landing your dream job. Claire is not just an instructor; she’s a trailblazer in the field of career advancement and financial empowerment for women.

As the founder of Ladies Get Paid, an educational platform, global community, and book that champions the professional and financial advancement of women, Claire has dedicated her life to helping women earn more and live better. Her passion for this mission stems from her own struggles with money, leading her to earn a Master’s Certificate in Behavioral Finance & Financial Psychology and to produce and host John Hancock’s debut podcast, Friends Who Talk About Money.

Claire’s expertise isn’t just theoretical; she’s lived it. She’s traveled the country, helping thousands of women learn the tools to self-advocate at work and beyond, negotiate millions of dollars of raises, start businesses, and simply enjoy their lives more. Her work has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine, naming her one of the 100 Most Powerful Women.

She has collaborated with brands such as Nike, Sally Hansen, Secret Deodorant, Indeed, and Cole Haan on female empowerment campaigns, and has shared her teachings at prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School, Facebook, NASA, and the United Nations, among others.

Claire is also a published author, having worked with Simon & Schuster on her debut book, Ladies Get Paid. Her work and writing have been featured in publications such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and she’s made appearances on Good Morning America, Nasdaq, and CBS, among others.

Claire is more than just a coach; she’s your personal cheerleader on your path to prosperity. As Robin Roberts of Good Morning America called her, she’s “the career coach helping ladies get paid!” With Claire’s guidance, you’ll not only master the art of landing your dream job, but you’ll also unlock your full potential and confidently navigate the job market with proven strategies and expert guidance.

Her book, LADIES GET PAID, is available wherever books are sold.

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Module #1: Mindset

  • Ways HR purposefully makes negotiations difficult, and how to get them on your side
  • Elements of a successful negotiation (what it is and isn’t)
  • Common myths and misconceptions
  • How to get into a “P.A.I.D. Pro” frame of mind
  • Why negotiating makes you look good and how to ensure a positive outcome, no matter what
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Module #2: Data

  • Learn how to bridge the information asymmetry that HR has but you don’t
  • How to understand their compensation philosophy
  • Factors that impact pricing and give important context to market research
  • How to determine your exact market value
  • How to get creative with your market research, including scripts for talking to people about how much they're paid (without being rude!)
  • A package framework to prepare
  • How to decide if an opportunity is worth making a financial sacrifice
  • Things to ask for besides money plus how - and when - to ask for them
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Module #3: Impact

  • How to quantify your impact (metrics most people miss!)
  • How to identify your most compelling wins
  • How to identify your signature strengths and use as leverage
  • How to shift the focus from “value negotiated” to “value created”
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Module #4: Advocacy

  • How to shift from “self-promotion” to “service-promotion”
  • All the elements you need to build the strongest case for yourself possible
  • How to tell the story of your wins in a way that will resonate and be rewarded
  • How to prepare a strong opening, broken down line-by-line
  • Techniques to embody and project confidence
  • How to maintain eye contact
  • Open-ended questions to ask and how to practice active listening
  • Map out your answers to a variety of scenarios - no matter what happens, you’ll be ready!
  • Understand biologically what’s happening when you get nervous
  • How to work with performance anxiety - and use it for fuel (mental + physical exercises you can start doing now)
  • How to protect your self-worth
  • Red flags to watch out for - this is a relationship that goes both ways...itneeds to work for you too!
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Module #5: Proactive

  • How to formulate a strategic plan for long-term career and paycheck growth
  • The things you need to do now to ask for a big raise later
  • How to build a personal board of advisors: the key people you need in your network (both within your company and externally) to amplify and advocate on your behalf
  • How to manage your manager to keep them happy and get what you want
  • How to pitch big ideas
  • How to establish credibility through speaking up in meetings
  • Sponsors: Who they are, how to find them, and how to reach out to influential people (at your company and externally) in a way that gets them to notice and want to help you
  • How to find allies among colleagues, plus navigate office politics with grace
  • How to efficiently activate and effectively expand your network
  • How to self-generate career momentum
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Module #6: Scripts & Scenarios

  • How to be assertive without appearing aggressive or ungrateful
  • What to bring to a salary negotiation
  • 22+ scripts to prepare
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Just ONE salary negotiation can make a six-figure difference in your financial future. This course will get you there.

Ready to unlock your earning potential and advocate for your worth? Start your journey today with our Earn Better: How to Negotiate Your Salary Like a Pro Course.

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