Simple Systems for Productivity and Efficiency

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We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but we live in a culture that puts a high value on productivity. So much so that we stress checking things off the list without first organizing or properly prioritizing them.

To become more efficient, you must first take a step back to understand your energy, mood, and current habits (without judgment!) and then put core systems into consistent and intentional use. In this webinar, we will discuss actionable tactics that will allow you to make small shifts that will compound over time for increasing gains of efficiency and productivity There will be exercises you can work on in real-time during this webinar, so bring your to-do lists and a notebook!

Aja Marsh

Key Takeaways

  • 3 types of to-do lists that will rock your world
  • A quick and easy way to organize and prioritize your tasks and projects
  • Simple productivity techniques you can implement right away
  • Keys for managing your energy for productivity
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About Aja Marsh

As a Momentum Coach, Aja works with ambitious humans to craft powerful pathways to physical and financial empowerment. Her values-driven approach accelerates growth through mindfulness, intention, goal setting, and accountability. Aja’s professional background spans work in operations, project management, human resources, and wellness. She lives in Santa Fe (by way of Brooklyn) soaking up as much sunshine as possible while running, hiking, and gardening.

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