Speak with Power: Communication Skills and Confidence Building Exercises for Women

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The secret of powerful public speaking comes down to two factors: self awareness and empathy.

Everyone, whether they’re beginners, intermediate or advanced, can benefit from improving their public speaking skills. The better your communication, the stronger connection you are able to build with others, and the greater your success!

In this webinar, Ran Wei of project: presence will teach you how to find your confidence when it comes to public speaking and get to know your personal communication style. You’ll discover how to strengthen your presence and understand how to own a room with intention.

Ran Wei

Struggling to Own Your Voice and Presence?

Many women grapple with building confidence and establishing a powerful presence in their personal and professional lives.

Have you ever felt your voice getting lost in a crowd? Or struggled to assert your presence in a room? You’re not alone. Many women face these challenges daily, both in their personal and professional lives. Societal pressures and gender stereotypes often contribute to these issues, making it even more difficult for women to stand tall and speak up.

The impact of these challenges is far-reaching. They can hinder your career progression, limit your personal growth, and even affect your mental health. Women who are unable to assert themselves effectively may miss out on opportunities for advancement, struggle to negotiate for fair pay, and often feel less satisfied in their careers.

These challenges can also spill over into personal life, affecting relationships and self-esteem. The pressure to conform to societal expectations can lead to a loss of individuality and a sense of disempowerment.

It’s time to address these pain points head-on. It’s time for women to build their confidence, own their voice, and assert their presence. It’s time for empowerment.

Speak with Power: Communication Skills and Confidence Building Exercises for Women

Step into your power with our ‘Women, Power, and Presence’ course. This unique opportunity allows you to build a strong, intentional presence and engage audiences effectively, whether in the boardroom or on the public stage.

Our course is designed to help you become more comfortable and dynamic when presenting, transforming not just your communication skills, but your overall confidence. With a focus on women’s empowerment and personal growth, this course is more than just a learning opportunity – it’s a transformative experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Build a strong and intentional presence in public speaking
  • Find your power physically, emotionally, and mentally
  • Engage your audience by being intentional about your vocal variety and dynamic body language
  • Become more comfortable, empathetic, and dynamic when you present
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About Ran Wei

Ran Wei is an experienced communication coach passionate about bringing uncommon people onto common ground. She founded project: presence to empower women to lead with confidence and communicate with purpose and intention in all areas of their lives. She uses an action-oriented and encouraging coaching style to work with her clients in finding their authentic voices.

Ran has helped her clients develop strong interview skills, ace big interviews, own their presence at work, build personal brands, and tackle major career transitions. Her specialty is working with recently hired graduates, mid-career professionals, entrepreneurs, career changers, and women who are looking to strengthen their communication skills and fearlessly own their presence.

She has been a part of creating the learning and development process for large Tech companies, Fortune 100 organizations, and startups, including brands such as Twitter, Boston Consulting Group, and Morgan Stanley. She has also spoken at major Women in Tech events regarding her expertise in women, language, and power. Follow project: presence on Instagram: @myprojectpresence.

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Take the leap and invest in yourself today. Join our community of empowered women and start your journey to owning your voice and presence. Don’t wait for change, be the change. Enroll in the ‘Women, Power, and Presence’ course now and step into your power.

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