Fireside Chat with Lauren McGoodwin, Founder of Career Contessa

$15.00 USD

Lauren will join Claire Wasserman, founder of Ladies Get Paid, for a virtual fireside on navigating our careers and how to pivot when we need to.

Lauren McGoodwin

Key Takeaways

  • Cut out comparisons, shame, and self-loathing
  • Abandon the elusive “dream job”
  • Embrace your inner questioner, your inner quester, and your inner-quitter
  • Make money moves and take control of your financial future
  • Tune out from the noise and tune into your voice 
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About Lauren McGoodwin

Lauren McGoodwin founded Career Contessa in 2013. Previously, she has been a University Recruiter for Hulu focused on hiring, employer branding, and program management. Lauren has a Bachelors in Education from the University of Oregon and a Masters in Communication Management from the University of Southern California, where she wrote her thesis on millennials and career resources. Lauren also recently published a book entitled Power Moves, available now for purchase.

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