Key Takeaways

  • Identify and quantify your professional accomplishments.
  • Curate your content.
  • Look good on paper.
  • Make it past the resume robots.
  • Communicate like a human.
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About Lucy Samuels

I’m Lucy: one-part Communication Coach + one-part Career Brand Strategist + 100% lovable nerd.

I help smart, talented professionals like you communicate confidently…so employers see you + hear you + hire you.

Throughout my own career, I’ve navigated 2 layoffs + several job searches + 3 major career shifts. I learned from my 15-year stint in Corporate America that a lack of communication confidence can suck the life out of your ideas—and your opportunities.

And you know what? I get what it’s like to shrink in front of someone you think is smarter + more educated +more articulate + more powerful.

On my path to finding ideal work, I’ve complained, avoided, mumbled, and felt stuck more times than I care to count. And I bet you have, too.
I started my small business alongside my corporate day job to fulfill a lifelong passion for helping people communicate better.
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